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Need a book cover designer?

We have sought out some amazing book artists to assist you with your covers! Check out their websites for more work and to get a quote. 


J. M. Ivie Services


Book Covers

I design custom illustrated book covers, specializing in fantasy. I create e-book, paperback, and hardcover wraps. 


I create beautiful book interiors, custom to your book in every way. I do not format e-books, only paperback and hardcover. 

andrea fodor


I'm a visual artist and book cover designer. I have a special ability to translate your vision into a work of art. If you need a unique book cover, value for your money, choose one of my premade covers or custom cover packages!   

I also offer the following services: 

- 3D mockups

- Box Set 3D

- Facebook banner

- Bookmarks

hanna sandvig

Book Cover Bakery

I create custom illustrated book covers that appeal to women and teen girls. I specialize in romance, chicklit, and cozy mysteries, but I'm happy to work on any project that would benefit from a sweet, colourful style. I can create both e-book covers and full paperback wraps.

Book Maps


I illustrate maps in a whimsical style that suits fantasy, romance and cozy mysteries. I think all books deserve maps and I love an interesting map challenge. Let me help you bring your world to life!

Indie Formatting Services

Indie Formatting Services specializes in Book Covers both digital and paperback in every genre but also designs bookmarks, posters, postcards, t-shirts, layouts, brands, teasers, Facebook covers, and so much more. I strive to offer quality and creative designs at an affordable price to help independent authors make a name for themselves using design.


Alana McCarthy

Alana McCarthy Illustration

Book cover illustration and interior illustration.

An expert with typography and layout. I will design your cover to your required specifications and I am open to all genres. 


Fun Fact: I run a side gig painting pets as pop-culture icons and my artwork has been featured on Buzzfeed, The Mary Sue and even Robert Downey Jr's facebook page. Once upon a time I also used to be a serving wench at Medieval Times. More ale m'Lord?